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The Trial Of Eric Bischoff and Our Ready To Rumble 2 Pitch

We talk about how Eric Bischoff had the greatest firing in WWE history and our perfect ideas for a Ready To Rumble sequel starring David Arquette and Liv Morgan.

8 months ago

Season 6 - Episode #44: The Trial Of Eric Bischoff and Our Ready To Rumble 2 Pitch

Eric Bischoff had been the GM of Raw for about 3 years and Vince felt his time was up. So he held a trial for Bischoff to see if he truly hadn't lived up to his promises. What followed was a extremely enjoyable episode of Raw with a very bizarre courtroom. It ends with the greatest character exist in WWE history and it involves a dump truck.

Liv Morgan has made a splash on Twitter by going nuts over the cult wrestling film Ready To Rumble starring our Patron Saint David Arquette. She also has expressed a desire for a sequel. David Arquette responded by saying she could play his daughter. Well we have come up with the perfect pitch for a Ready To Rumble sequel and hope you guys agree!

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