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WWE Releases and The Unfortunate Career of Muhammad Hassan

WWE has had their biggest firing spree of all time and for the show we talk about the short-lived career of Muhammad Hassan and how WWE took this character too far.

9 months ago

Season 6 - Episode #42: WWE Releases and The Unfortunate Career of Muhammad Hassan

This was a brutal week for many WWE wrestlers as a spree of releases torn through the company.

For the show this week we go back to 2004-5 when a new character debuted. Muhammad Hassan was portrayed initially as an Arab-American who had turned on America due to racist oppression in the wake of 9/11. It was actually a pretty well done heel character both from a writing perspective and from Hassan. He started to rise in the ranks and was being positioned for a massive push when it all came crashing down due to an awful segment at the worst time.

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