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WrestleMaina 36 Picks and Chester McCheeserton

This week we make our picks for the upcoming WrestleMania where the loser will get chopped and we talk about WrestleMania 2000 which debuted a guy dressed as cheese.

10 months ago

Season 6 - Episode #39: WrestleMaina 36 Picks and Chester McCheeserton

Well, WrestleMania 36 is this week (sorta) so even though it's pretaped and the whole world is shut down, we still have to make picks! The Chop Bet we made for AEW Revolution ended in a tie but this time it sure won't! Either Mark or Harris is getting chopped!

Our topic this week hails from WrestleMania 2000 where a certain superstar debuted and they ended their career on the same night. Chester McCheeseyton joined Al Snow and Steve Blackman vs T.N.A. and the results are memorable only to weirdos like us. Join us for the whole story.

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